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Hello everyone! Welcome to another Women’s History Month (W.H.M.) Book Spotlight! This is a new blog event on Win’s Books that happens during March in honor of Women’s History Month. Today we have another book spotlight of the event. Now without further ado, let’s get to the Book Spotlight!  

Book Title:
Stop Surviving and LIVE!: How I Changed My Poverty Mindset to Control My Future

Stop Surviving and LIVE!: How I Changed My Poverty Mindset to Control My Future

Book Blurb:

You’re not a mediocre person, so don’t live as if you are. If you’re tired of spinning your wheels or feeling like you’re just “here,” it’s time for a major change! Miko Marsh’s Stop Surviving and LIVE! is helping people to transform their lives. Journey with the author as she walks you through the process she used to transition from poverty to provision mentally, emotionally, and financially.

Use her process to consider how you can empower and revitalize yourself. Discover a simple but life-changing method known to many minimalists and organizers as well as why it is important to be thorough in the chapter on scaling down. Learn the lessons she learned about why accepting help can be just as important as offering help.

Your circumstances, however difficult, should not paralyze you or prevent you from finding the satisfaction you desire and can have. Hardships do not have to cripple you and force you to maintain a substandard existence. Sometimes the answers to our biggest problems come from asking the right questions.

Miko Marsh tells you what questions she asked, what steps she took, and how she used the answers to renew her thoughts and to reconstruct her life. Let her process motivate and help push you toward your goal. Order your copy of Stop Surviving and LIVE! today to start your journey to improve your life.

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Nonfiction, self-help

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Print: $6.95, ebook: $1.99, audio: varies depending on subscription

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photography of yellow hibiscus under sunlight

Do you know the difference between action and reaction? Rather, do you know the difference between living in a state of action vs. a state of “re”action? I don’t know if there is a professional term for this, but I’ll tell you how it works.

People who are in a state of action are actively involved in planning, preparing, and participating in their lives. They are not merely anticipating the future. They are walking the path to create the future they desire.

People who are in a state of reaction are responding to situations in which they’ve been placed, questions based on what people have heard about them, and primarily actions others have already taken.

Now, there is no problem with having a healthy balance of both. All of us, at some point, react. A speed limit is set, and we adjust our driving speed for the law already in place. An action would be cooking dinner before you are hungry. By action here, I mean a proactive movement.


About the Author:

Miko Marsh<br>
Miko Marsh

Miko Marsh is an author, speaker, and instructor. She has a degree in social services, college certification in Early Childhood Care Education, has worked directly with individuals in behavioral facilities, and has owned her own daycare. She now helps aspiring authors to publish their own books. Miko writes in multiple genres but is most known for her nonfiction book, Living with Jezebel. She hopes to use her words to help educate, encourage, and inspire others to do what they’ve been called to do.

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.


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