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Genre: Short Stories; Anthologies

Price: Rs. 249 (India) / $12.99 (U.S.)

Book Blurb:

Shivani returns to the heart of Mumbai after a decade of ruling New York as a banker. But who can she count on when a sudden intruder enters her house?
Seema’s childhood nanny from Jaipur visits her in Singapore: 50-year-old Mamta massi who has watched her grow. What can a new country do to a loyal simpleton?
Twin sisters Ahana and Sahana are oceans apart for the first time in their lives, one in Delhi and the other in London. And both are expecting babies in the same month. What does it take for these inseparable sisters to stay apart?

10 women of Indian origin. No, they are not a sports team. They are women who have a love-hate relationship with their country. Some opportunists, some merely curious, some bystanders and some striking the fine balance between being Indian and not. But none of them can call just India home. This book is a collection of short stories taking us through the lives of these women who are…Not Really Indian. Please let me know how you would like to take this forward.

It is also available in the public libraries of Charlotte, NC. Click here to learn more.



About the Author:
About the Author:

Subhashini Prasad is an ex-consultant turned writer. Her debut book: Not Really Indian, ranked among Amazon’s 100 Best Sellers upon release. In 2020, she won BTB’s Storyteller of the Year Award (runner-up). She writes on Insta as @dosaiamma and believes dancing is the solution to everything. She currently lives in Gurgaon with her husband and two children. 

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