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Book Title: French Kiss New Year: A Holiday Snack 2 

French Kiss New Year: A Holiday Snack 2 book cover

Book Blurb:

You meet Garrett and Nia in French Kiss Christmas. Still pretty. Still powerful. Still assertive, but healing her brokenness with him. Nia Bledsoe’s family tragedy crippled her in past relationships until the honey-hued, sexy, hazel-eyed Garrett Marx transformed her holiday nightmare into the merriest of Christmases.

Still strong. Still smart. Still alluring. And still everything Nia never knew she required, Garrett Marx keeps catching Nia when she falls. But when he requires protection, is Nia equipped to fortify him, or will she neglect his desires?  

Can Nia and Garrett navigate the woes of wedding planning while uncovering family secrets that could disrupt their hopes of a peaceful and happy New Year.     

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“You’ve given me everything I wanted and a few things I didn’t know I needed.”

Please note: It is recommended to read book one first, French Kiss Christmas.

Book Genre:

Urban Romance 

Book Price:

99 download and 4.99 paperback

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Snippet from book:

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“I’m genuinely happy, Garrett. A year ago I remember sitting in the bay window of our hotel room in Paris pondering on the winding, pitch-black road I was on for so many years. I was certainly going to crash and burn until you, babe. You’ve given me everything I wanted and a few things I didn’t know I needed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – for the first time in more than ten years, I feel loved, safe, whole. Baby, I am complete because of you.” Nia blushed. 


About the Author:

Robbi Renee
Robbi Renee

Stacey grew up in St. Louis, Missouri with two incredible parents and two amazing older sisters. Being the baby of the bunch, she always had a vivid imagination and was wise beyond her years – too grown for her own good! Stacey’s love for movies, books, journaling, and all things Oprah led her to completing a journalism degree. Ignoring her childhood dream of being in entertainment, Stacey pursued a career in everything not related to reading, writing or journalism.

She rekindled her love for reading and writing during the pandemic where her alter ego, Robbi Renee was born, penning her first novella in 2020. Robbi Renee draws upon personal experiences, adoration for Black romance, and her favorite stories of love, heartache and redemption to fuel her written work. Stacey/Robbi Renee enjoys her own Black family love story with her husband and teenage son.

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