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Sabinah Adewole new book

Genre: Memoir

Price: £6.99 eBook or £15.99

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A Heartbreaking Survivor Through Faith ,Rejection, Betrayal, Motherhood, Strength.

Book Blurb:

The memoir of Sabinah Adewole, who at the young age of four became an orphan when her dad died suddenly in a ghastly car accident in 1971 in London . Her mother a single parent had no option so returned to Nigeria in Africa on a ship in 1972 on the MV Auriel Her brother aged seven became the unofficial guardian of his four year old sister Sabinah.

This was the beginning of My Memoirs Empowerment Defiance – a journey she was not prepared for. Her mum at the young age of 32 turned to alcohol as an escape. She was placed in a boarding school away from her familiar surroundings in Lagos in 1981. In 1995 and with a black and white photograph of her Dad in hand, she takes the leap to return to England to search for her Dad. She returns to the UK with her two sons aged 18 months and three years and this was the beginning of My Memoirs – Empowerment Defiance.

She was on a Journey after getting married in 1998 ,feelings of incompleteness and self worth of not knowing her roots. She relates with families and friends and shares her passion of her travels on her return to England. Her marriage of twenty eight years, her work ethics in Uk not comparable to her background of banking.

A complete new career brings her into contact with a colleague who was into Witchcraft. In the UK In 2018 she was gifted the art of writing which put her on a platform. She dealt with Rejection through social media . She made some new connections and she has gone on to publish five books and also became a Trauma coach due to her own trauma of losing her dad. She wanted to help others through her role in mental health for twenty years. She studied Psychology and also raised a lot of money for different charities. She learnt how to cycle at the age of 50. This was the journey of My Memoirs -Empowerment Defiance.

My Memoirs Empowerment Defiance

Her Writing

I have been greatly inspired by the gift of poetry and writing. I was gifted the gift of poetry while sitting on a park bench in Gidea park in May 2018. I have continued to write daily and have created over 500 poems some Children books, Faith book and Adults inspiration and Transformation poetry. I would encourage you to look I have also co authored in four Anthologies and three Poetry Anthology this brought me into contact with coaches, publishers and a host of authors. I am grateful for those friendships and continue to work on building positive . I have seven published books, four best sellers and five self published. Sabìnah has just completed her first Half Poetry Marathon in June 2021

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About the Author:
About the Author:

Sabinah Adewole is a member of the Barking Foxes poetry group, the National Poetic library UK, a member of the Society of Authors UK ,the Haiku Society of America and the Christian independent Publishing Agency -CIPA. Some of her poems appear in the Stripes magazine in 2021. she won the International Poetry contest in 2020. She also featured in the Havering daily mail and in the Write on magazine in 2020. She stated to write from a park bench in May 2018.
She has seven published books,four best sellers and four self published.
She concluded this series on the 31st January 2021 and wrote every Saturday during the pandemic for one year writing her own story.
Her Book would be available on October 7th on Amazon and other book stores.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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