Hey Everybody! It’s Win-bin (oh goodness) here. I just wanted to take a break from typing my book, to type on the blog. Makes sense right? Anyhow, I want to discuss my brain. Well, more of my imagination. Ever since I wrote my first book, so many ideas for more stories kept popping in my head. From a comic book series to spin-off book series. My mind merely keeps expanding The Gods’ Scion world (really, really love worldbuilding. It is so much fun!), and creating new ones as we speak. After I finish my first trilogy, I know I will be starting another one right after it. I just love to write and love to have others enjoy my writing as well. This is a short blog. I only wanted to get this excitement off my chest and share some future/ in development projects I will be doing. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Till next time, and remember live, love and laugh. Here are some pictures of my future projects:

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