Hey, all you wonderful people!

How is everyone doing this wonderful Thrusday. Now you may be wondering, “Why is Winnie posting on a Thursday? Well to answer your question, it is the annoced the name and cover of my new book in the The God’s Scion series.



Descendants of Time and Death

Isn’t it pretty? I am so proud of this beauty. And special thanks to Larch Gallagher who is the creator of my beautiful and stunning book covers. You can contact her through her website: https://larchgallagher.weebly.com/

Now, this is just a cute and short post. But come back tomorrow for so really juicy content I have planned. I hope you guys like the name and cover. And I can’t wait to put these on sale!!! Don’t forget to follow me on social media and subscribe to my blog. That’s all I have for today. Until next time!

Live. Laugh. Love.

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