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Hey everyone, my name is Winnifred, Winnie for short. I am an artist and writer. This year I self-published my debut novel: The Gods’ Scion: Child of Tempus. As a military child, I have traveled extensively around the US East Coast and Germany, learning about the history, lore, and culture of each region.

I have spent the last two years writing and expanding the world of The Gods’ Scion trilogy series. I have had a lifelong love of literature and art. As a new writer, I want to create a beautiful fantasy world with compelling and intriguing characters. I love to spread positivity and joy to those around me and look at the world through a glittery pink lens.

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I want to connect with more readers, writers, and artists. I love to meet new people and share stories. I hope to start a community of nerds, geeks, and weirdos (as my mother would put it). I also want to promote my books and art pieces as well. And be a place for others to do the same as well.

If my blog is successful throughout the next year, I hope to have a bigger email list, a number of readers, and a larger number of friends in the art, reading, and writing community.

As a blogger and author, I write about a wide range of topics, including personal development, bookish lifestyle, and marketing. My blog is an informative and inspiring platform that encourages readers to live their best lives. Through my writing, I share her personal experiences and insights, offering practical advice and tips on a variety of book-related subjects. By engaging style and thoughtful approach make my blog a must-read for anyone looking to improve their writing and book marketing skills in meaningful ways.

I hope you enjoy reading about me talking about myself. I hope you stop by again and check out the rest of my website. And remember, live, love, and laugh.

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