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Hello and welcome to another Book Spotlight! They are for any author of any genre to promote one (or soon to be) published book. So without further ado, let’s get on with the spotlight!

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Adult fiction 

Book Series: K.L. Duology

Book number: 1

Price: $11.99 paperback/ $3.99 ebook

Book Blurb:

Paths cross. Love blooms. War rages.
“By order of His Majesty the king…” These words changed Calla Emery’s life forever. With her father missing and her mother falling ill, Calla is forced to enter the world of nobility to leave her family’s commoner status behind to land a wealthy husband – despite her family’s messy history with the royal family. Little does she know, beyond her wildest dreams, that there’s magic that lies behind the castle walls, both good…and evil. And she’s going to get more than she bargained for.

“The sun will never set on the kingdom of Dragoon.” Prince Mekai Okoro would do anything for his father. He would fight in any war, at any cost – or so he thought. With a civil war looming in the realm, a fight for the royal crown brewing, and dragon magic coursing through his veins, Prince Mekai must decide if he will be his own man or will he be who his father wants him to be, a warmonger.

And, what will Calla and Mekai do when they realize that love is their greatest adversary…and ally?

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About the Author:
About the Author:

Katrina N. Lewis is an indie author who enjoys writing all things fiction – fantasy, romance, sci-fi, the drama you name it! She loves a good story. In fact, her favorite subject is history! Katrina is a Philly native and proud graduate of Temple University. She’s passionate about creating stories about extraordinary adventures with diverse characters and worlds. She loves love, culture, food, and a good laugh! So, definitely look out for those themes in her stories and get ready for an adventure.

With a love for worldbuilding and creating interesting characters, Katrina had a passion for writing since she could pick up a pen or use a keyboard. Katrina’s most recent work includes A Crimson City, a fantasy, romantic, short story drama that takes place in the fictional kingdom of Dragoon, and its full-length sequel, Heavy is the Head: Love & War.

Live. Love. Laugh.

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