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Hello and welcome to another Book Spotlight! They are for any author of any genre to promote one (or soon to be) published book. So without further ado, let’s get on with the spotlight!

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Price: $10.00

Book Blurb:

21-year-old Nailea Tembo has always been the perfect definition of reserved and anti-social, continuously being forced to live the way that her mother and her society expect her to.When she’s assigned to be her new professor’s student assistant, it turns out to be the most notorious affair that’s ever hit Shakespeare University.At first glance, Professor Xavier Grayson is gorgeous, well educated, attentive and successful, causing Nailea’s seemingly prim and proper persona to take a complete one-eighty when she starts to have an illicit affair with her new lecturer.But when Professor Xavier Grayson grows more and more obsessively infatuated by Nailea, it proves to be a deliciously dangerous situation.Escaping Mr. Grayson is a psychological thriller that explores the fixation that a mentally ill psychopath has with his new student assistant.A story about danger, possession and obsession.

Lakish'a book cover
About the Author:
About the Author:

17 year old aspiring screenwriter and author, Lakish’a, is the writer of the new psychological thriller, Escaping Mr. Grayson. Born and raised in Zambia, Lakish’a works tirelessly to create work that inspires, connects and above all else entertains not only her fellow Africans but also all of her readers across borders. Her works include, highly successful online books; Kylie Burklin’s Killer and Tell Me I’m Beautiful among other many works in progress. Accumulating over 19,000 reads on social writing platforms such as Wattpad and Scriblyz, Lakish’a has made it her main focus to continuously illustrate various stories that leave her

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