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Hello, Win’s Books is shining a spotlight on our Mystic Writer Membership Community Partners in their own Book Business feature, Book Business Spotlight.

About the Owner

Kirsten McNeill, creator of Worthy Writers Editing, is a full-service book editor and confidence coach for self-published authors. She loves expressing herself through music and writing, and inspiring others to discover their passions. “If I can change one life, I’ll consider myself successful.”

About the Business

Worthy Writers Editing

In summer of 2021, Kirsten launched Worthy Writers Editing, a brand representing creativity, confidence, and feeling worthy of being yourself. 

She has always been a big advocate of positivity and empowerment. To help fellow authors live out their dreams while having fun and remembering why they became writers in the first place.

Kirsten hopes to help authors, through editing and coaching, transform their ideas into the final product of a novel. Confidence and empowerment are key in living a fulfilling writer life. 

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Developmental Editing
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Manuscript Critique
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Copy and Line Editing 
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Confidence Coaching
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Thank you, Worthy Writers Editing, for supporting our membership program and business! You can learn more about this community partner through:

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