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Hello, Win’s Books is shining a spotlight on our Mystic Writer Membership Community Partners in their own Book Business feature; Book Business Spotlight.

About the Ceo

Lilian is in the storytelling and relationship building business. As a long-time PR coach and publicist, she focuses on helping authors and creative entrepreneurs fulfill their full potential to become global industry leaders by focusing on how to build a healthy PR mindset above any strategy to share their stories with the world and build key connections in the media. She’s given workshop presentations and developed journals and other resources to help authors bust down mindset blocks, gain clarity on their thoughts, feelings & the myths they believe about PR-while providing them with the right tools, resources, and knowledge to learn how to build their own successful PR campaigns. Through her strategic coaching program, coaching intensives, and self-paced hybrid PR course, she empowers entrepreneurs to gain the confidence to learn how to develop their own successful PR campaigns.

Lilian: In Retrospect Writing Services

About the Business

In Retrospect Writing Services

A dedicated PR coaching and publicity firm designed to help creative, artistic entrepreneurs learn how to push past limiting beliefs and mindset blocks to gain the confidence to learn how to use PR to meet their goals, In Retrospect Writing Services is focused on providing you with the knowledge, tools and coaching to achieve PR success.

Through coaching calls, campaign services, workshops and more, In Retrospect Writing Services provides authors and brands with personalized support and guidance to achieve clarity with your goals and in developing and launching the right strategies to reach them. I work with you as a member of your team to help you discover exactly where you want to take your books, how to work towards achieving larger goals incrementally, and how to maintain consistency with your marketing strategies and campaigns.

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Coaching Intensives
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The Marketing Academy
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 PR Course
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Speaking Opportunities
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Campaign Services

What is the purpose and mission of your business?

The company started out of a desire to build my portfolio in copywriting and social media strategy through freelance contracts to try and land a job in-house. Nearly sixteen years later, it’s grown into a business that I’m proud of that focuses on providing education and empowerment to phenomenal authors all over the world.

I believe in paying it forward through guidance, coaching and helping authors discover how to share their stories in ways that they can be proud of, confident in and empowered by. Making a positive impact with your audiences starts with your willingness to share your story and reach out to build the right relationships with different media to reach that audience, and it’s my mission to help authors discover the best ways to do that utilizing PR.

Why is writing or reading important?

I grew up with a lifelong love of reading, everything from fairy tales and Encyclopedia Brown to angsty romances by Lurlene McDaniel and parlayed that into writing. I’ve spent over twenty years writing everything from poetry to fan fiction for different fandoms because I find it cathartic, inspiring, and adventurous. My love of reading has given me knowledge that I wouldn’t otherwise have and it’s made me want to write my own adventures, it’s why I’m currently working on the first of what I hope will be many romance novels (I currently have 4 ideas outside of this current one), along with a crime thriller idea and possible sci-fi ideas as well.

What are your future plans for the business?

My vision is for my company to continue to grow, giving me the opportunity to educate, engage and empower fiction and nonfiction authors on an international scale through workshops, more conference keynotes and festival appearances. I’m also working on my first nonfiction PR book that will outline why PR is powerful, how authors can make it work for them and how to develop and launch a successful campaign, step by step through each building block. I want to provide as many avenues as possible for authors to receive that education, and empowerment through personalized guidance, and support. It’s why I also have future plans for more workshops and a possible membership to come.

Thank you In Retrospect Writing Services for supporting our membership program and business! You can learn more about this community partner through:

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