Hello everyone I wanted to make this announcement!

The Itsy Bitsy Book Bits has a Pilot Program where they will be send out a weekly newsletter to bloggers and readers who can sign up to read/review the books. They will to post on Amazon, Bookbub, and Goodreads for a 60 day period.

They will also have a page on their website dedicated to the books in the Itsy Bitsy Book Bits Book Catalog.

I am so happy to say my second book, Descendants of Time and Death has been selected for their catalog! I hope all you can spread the word and take time to look at my books and others you may find interesting to either review or read.

I had did a book blog tour with them about a month ago so I am so happy that my foot was able to be selected. Thank you all. And have a wonderful week and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

The link is below:


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