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Hey everyone, long time no see! I hope everyone is doing well in this month of May. We are almost halfway through the year! For this Mother’s Day, I wanted to do a special book blog for mothers. As well as highlighting some amazing books by authors who are moms. Note, these are numbered but in no particular ranking order. So let’s check out these marvelous books and authors!

1. Saving Eden by K. R. S. McEntire

K.R.S. is a soon-to-be mom and her book Saving Eden actually deals with parental relationships. The main character lost her mother shortly after before she was born, and part of the story is her trying to find some connection to the mom she lost.

2.  Best in Me by Natalie McDonald-Perkins

Natalie McDonald-Perkins’ debut book, Best in Me, is one that will linger within your soul for days, months, and years to come. This book reignites the senses through the use of poetry. Her intentional and perfectly crafted words take every adult on a nostalgic journey, forcing one to reexamine childhood wounds, at the hands of unkind people. While Perkins invites us into the lives of nine multicultural children, she effortlessly uses the power of language to weave a common thread that will resonate with children across the world, as well as the child that still lives within every adult.

3. Genesis by LaLa Leo

LaLa Leo has been writing since she was a small country girl growing up in southern Virginia. However, she didn’t begin her professional writing career until November 2018 at 31-years-old. She tried everything under the blazing sun from healthcare to customer service, computer science to community management, and excelled. However, she began soul-searching for something much more fulfilling. Throughout her journey, she discovered that one thing never changed… her willingness to help people. She found out that she could fulfill her calling best by pursuing creative entertainment.

4.  The Women Inspiring Nations by LeTysha Montgomery

The Women Inspiring Nations series is dedicated to women by women: may it remind you that you are destined for greatness and inspire you to claim your personal power over every challenge you might face in order to become the best version of yourself. This is a collaborative book by all these amazing female co-authors that makes a great Mother’s Day gift!

Women Inspiring Nations

5.  My Two Sons by Betty Pinckney

Betty is a mother and her book, My Two Sons, is a book about a mother’s selfless, endless, unconditional love she has for her children. She is betrayed by one of her sons, but Sadie is learning that sometimes, it is the dramatic turn of events in our lives that leads us in the direction that was always meant for us. Find out what happens to the Holmes family in this amazing story about a Mother’s selfless, endless, unconditional love for her sons.

6. The Hidden Scar by Sabrina Oyinloye

She is a wife and mother of two boys and one daughter. The book is about the consequences of one night of a passionate encounter that forced a reclusive, professional soccer player to reckon with a past deeply buried for twenty years!

7. I’m Pretty, Positive, & Unique by Zipporah Israel

Zipporah Israel is a mother author and her book is on Amazon and on her site. She believes this is a book that moms and daughters alike will love based on affirmations and journaling.

8. EAT! SLEEP! MEDITATE! by Marva Riley

To help all moms, grandmoms to get healthy & stay healthy. To live their best life NOW! Written by a mom, grandmother, and a Registered Nurse. The healing virtues of natural resources such as food, rest, activity, and meditation will lead you to experience health beyond your wildest imaginations, as they did for me. Come on, let’s get started!

9. Before The Fall Is Over by Victoria Hunter

Victoria Hunter is a mother who has published two books of poetry. She is an accomplished and educated poet from Pennsylvania. Her books have poems about relationships, family, and self-identity. You can visit her Amazon author page to find my book. Her most recent book is called Before The Fall Is Over. She publishes books every month now.

10. Errant by Montrez

Montrez is a bookworm, blerd (black nerd), and creative living in the moody Midwest with her husband and two sons (and another little one on the way!). She loves writing about accidental heroes, underdogs, and everyday people with special abilities. Errant is about a supernatural war that has long been brewing. Savannah is no chosen one or savior, but she may be the catalyst needed for the Errants to have a fighting chance at survival against an immortal enemy.

Thank you all for reading and go and support these awesome author moms! To all the beautiful moms all over the world, Happy Mother’s Day. See you in the next blog and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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