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In Love with An Alien Rock Star

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Retro-futuristic stardust and glamorous new worlds await.

After confirmed alien contact turns the world upside down, Willow Rivera finds herself struggling to make ends meet. She signs up for a temporary job with the navy on the understanding that she’ll receive payment in exchange for three months exploring the universe. When the job lands her alongside telepathic rock legend Zylon Mars, she soon learns that some things really are out of this world.

Zylon Mars and the Cosmic Craze have had to fight tooth and claw for their fame, due to their predatory instincts banning them from world after world. When Zylon’s playboy habits threaten his reputation and the future of his career, he must question where his glamorous stage persona ends and where his real life begins.


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I couldn’t understand the meaning of his sentence. I wondered if something had gotten lost in translation or if I missed something on my end, but then he took one finger and lifted up my chin. My breath stilled in me.

“And I think you’re more exotic than anyone else here,” he finished.

That’s when it happened. I could feel it like electricity, like a jolt or a shock between Zylon’s soul and my own. For one split-second, I could see everything from his point of view. The colors looked different. The blue turned violet and the white of his hair turned into a soft blue, and the sky turned white above us. I saw myself from his eyes as well, keyed into intense focus and infused with a strong longing, an unsatisfied desire that stole my breath from me entirely. He wanted me. Out of everyone in the planet–out of everyone everywhere, on every planet—Zylon Mars wanted me.

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Author Sierra Storm
Author Sierra Storm

Sierra Storm is a New England based author with a flair for adventure and the dramatic. Her two hearts of writing are urban fantasy and science fiction, and she loves blending them with fun romantic twists!In Love with An Alien Rockstar is the first book in her second alien romance series, featuring the glamour of stage life with the unexpected twists that come with deep space exploration.

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