By Richard H. Fay

A murder wings o’er skeletal trees,

pinions beating hard ‘gainst bitter winds.

Raucous mobs roost along barren boughs

stripped of all but a few frost-crisped leaves.

The gathered horde sings a rowdy song

to disturb this season’s morbid hush.

Then the scoundrels raise a harsher din

and rise into a threatening sky.

Ragged dark specks amongst the flurries

whirl in churning clouds o’er snowy hills.

Flocks search cold fields for man’s poor leavings,

hoping to feast on refuse and death.

(Originally published in Every Day Poets, March 10, 2009.)

About the Author:
About the Author:

Formerly a laboratory technician-turned-home-educator, Richard H. Fay now spends his days writing and creating art. He often draws inspiration from history, myth, folklore, and legend. Many of the fruits of Richard’s creative labors have appeared in various e-zines, print magazines, and anthologies. Merchandise featuring Richard’s artworks and designs sell internationally through several online print-on-demand stores.

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