Book Cover Release In The House of Transcendence

Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? I have some exciting news to share with you all. My writer friend, Amanda Ross, has a new book coming out. And I’m doing a post for her book cover release here on the blog!

About the Author:

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Amanda Ross is an indie author who writes speculative fiction that tackles social issues through magical, witchy tales with a little bit of politics and a whole lot of campy humor. Her first novel, To Astera, With Love is an urban fantasy novel that was self-published in June 2020. She is currently working on its sequel, To Ilaris, In Desperation, as well as a short story for the fantasy anthology, Girls of Might and Magic, to be published in the summer of 2021. When she’s not writing, Amanda is reading, baking, or walking along the beach.

Here’s the Book Cover!

Book Cover Release: In The House of Transcendence

Release date: Coming Soon!!!

Book Description

Zora is a necromancer. Some say she’s gifted, others say she’s cursed, but her abilities always terrify her. Hoping to start a new life, she flees her childhood home and travels to Savannah, but she soon learns that some things can’t be changed.

There, she meets an alluring and powerful witch named Birdie. She offers Zora a proposition: she’ll give Zora a place to stay, a job dancing at a magical burlesque club called Nightingale’s, and help controlling her powers if Zora can solve her lover’s murder.

Zora accepts Birdie’s offer and is soon drawn into the magical community of Savannah, where rituals and magical fights are performed in grand old homes, potions can make people float on air, and three magical houses vie for dominance. As she tries to put the pieces together and solve the murder, Zora gets caught in the sight of the very forces responsible for the killing.

Can she rise up and learn to control her powers and solve the murder or will her fears cause her to lose it all?

Genre: Fantasy, New Adult

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