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 Author: P.L. Hernandez  Category: Contemporary, Romance  Publisher: Bowl Books Publishing  Pages: 415  Read The Book

Waking up in the hospital on her 27th birthday was only the beginning of the longest year of Jax Cassidy’s life.

A traveling music photographer, Jax never stays in one place too long. But when a car accident leaves her with a life-altering injury, everything comes to a screeching halt. As she struggles to adjust to a new normal, her past returns to complicate her future. A hometown boy from her childhood, and an old flame she thought she’d left behind both reemerge, presenting her with two enticing variations of forever.

Past and present collide into a single transformative year as Jax navigates her complicated relationships and stumbles her way through a journey of healing and self-discovery. To have the future she wants, Jax realizes she’ll have to face the heartbreaks and demons she’s been running from all her life.

How much can you live in 365 day? Jax is about to find out.

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