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Time for Once

 Author: Jes Smyth  Category: Contemporary, Romance  Publisher: Wellium Publishing, LLC  Published: 03 Feb, 2023  Pages: 329

Have you ever wondered …

If I had met this person as who I am now, instead of who I was then, would it have changed anything?

For fans of Sally Rooney and Hazel Hayes.

Two people. Ten years. One winding love story.

Time, for Jolie, is the worst. It moves too slowly when she needs it to speed up; too fast when she wishes she could just bring everything to a halt. But for her and Jace, timing is everything. And they can’t seem to get it right.

Time, for Jace, is simple. The plan is obvious and the outcome is inevitable: earn a degree, get a job, make a life. All in due time. But for him and Jolie, timing is complicated. And they have a habit of falling out of sync.

As they navigate the tides of their relationship amid the uncertainties of life after graduation, Jolie and Jace enter a decade-long cycle of passion, heartbreak, bad timing, and, ultimately, self-discovery. All in pursuit of an answer to the inescapable question: Will time, for once, ever be on their side?

Time for Once is an adult coming-of-age story about love, acceptance, and the mistakes we all make in the messy but crucial process of growth.

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