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The Lone Star Child

 Author: Winnifred Tataw  Category: Fantasy, Science Fiction  Publisher: Win's Books LLC  Pages: 185  Tags: Science Fictionthe Lone Star Child |  Read The Book

Ophiuchus was cursed to imprisonment in space for wanting to share their gifts with the world. For millennia, they have been alone and forgotten. But Caro, the Space Acolyte, is their new chance at freedom. They’ve had a long time to think about what they’ll do once they’re freed. Which, with Caro’s help, will soon become a reality. Finally, they will be able to crush all those who ever forsake them in the past. But this time around, it will be different. This time they won’t show any mercy. Every person that ever abandoned them will feel their wrath. The Gods called them a monster. Well now, they’ve got one.

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