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Stranded with A Space Marine

 Author: Sierra Storm  Category: Romance, Science Fiction  Publisher: Independent  Published: October 9, 2021  Pages: 117  Tags: Science FictionSpace Marine |  Read The Book

Keslid unclicked his straps and stood on the wall, face to face with me. “The shuttle’s damaged. Communication with the Mercy will take time to set up, and for now we’re moving on emergency power only. We have food, but not much. Gravity’s off. Shield’s shot. And we’re stuck in the orbit of an unfamiliar planet.”


When I first woke up the other day locked in a sleek gray cell, reality had turned itself on its head. UFOs were real. Aliens were real. And for some reason, they had an unhealthy fascination with me.

Breaking out of that nightmare was only the beginning. It turns out we’re too far to turn back. The one man I’m forced to depend on is green-skinned, ambitious, and the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. He swears he can get me home without my captors finding me, but sometimes I’m not sure if I even want to go back.

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