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 Author: LaLa Leo  Category: Dystopian, Science Fiction  Publisher: Whitemarsh Productions  Published: February 20, 2021  Pages: 150  Read The Book

The conclusion to the Destiny Trilogy! In this story across time and space, the fate of the survivors of Ophiuchus is revealed. After the Omega Protocol, life has returned to normal. But for those who became family on Atlantic Island, including those who perished only to be born again, normal life is not so simple. As one of their own falls victim to a strange disorder somehow tied to their passage through the multiverse, Dr. Sweeney calls together his family for one final adventure. But will they even remember who he is?

LaLa Leo’s tale ties together its many threads in this final book, revealing more of the secrets of the Atlantic Island story and leading directly in to the events of The Forge!

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