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In Love with An Alien Rock Star

 Author: Sierra Storm  Category: Science Fiction  Publisher: Independent  Published: 05 Dec, 2022  Pages: 251  Tags: Science FictionScience Fiction Romance |

Retro-futuristic stardust and glamorous new worlds await.

After confirmed alien contact turns the world upside down, Willow Rivera finds herself struggling to make ends meet. She signs up for a temporary job with the navy on the understanding that she’ll receive payment in exchange for three months exploring the universe. When the position lands her alongside telepathic rock legend Zylon Mars, she soon learns that some things really are out of this world.

Zylon Mars and the Cosmic Craze have had to fight tooth and claw for their fame, due to their predatory instincts banning them from world after world. When Zylon’s playboy habits take a dangerous turn and threaten and the future of his career, he must question where his stage persona ends and where his real life begins.

This book is a PG-13 romance with light sexual tension and a strong emotional pull and a happy ending.

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