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Graced For It

 Author: Chantea Williams  Category: Self-help  Publisher: Relentless Publishing House  Published: October 5, 2020  Pages: 110  Read The Book

There are times we struggle in finding our purpose. We can get started strong and then life happens and we are off track. We can allow our past and other people’s opinions to hold us hostage and paralyze us from moving forward in our purpose. Every woman is GRACED to do at least one thing. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, how dark your past is, how many followers you have or don’t have. None of that matters. You are still GRACED! If you will believe in your mind first, then you will become unstoppable. Graced For It is written for the woman who is lacking in her purpose and needs to get back up again. It’s not about you but what is already inside of you.

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