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 Author: AREATAE MCGHEE  Category: Memoir & Autobiography, Self-help  Publisher: A. MCGHEE PUBLISHING, LLC  Published: August 27, 2022  Pages: 112  Read The Book

Dating Me is a memoir of a young woman learning her way through life , trying to understand where she fits, and picking up life lessons along the way. From talking about the pain of losing a loved one, to finding happiness in self, success on the other side and failures that come with it. Along the way there are many reasons, we may see ourselves through the lives of others. Because our minds are filled with comparisons and contrast scenarios. We feel a constant need to belong and find our place in this world. This story gives more than inspiration but opens your heart and mind up to being aware of how loving yourself is a big part of the process. Dating me, will not tell you how to catch your next love interest or how to manage your business. It will, however, show you through communication how to become aware of what is in your way, how to manage relationships, and trust yourself. Most of all, how to keep loving yourself through it all to be wise, mature, and satisfied.

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