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Dangling Gandhi

 Author: Jayanthi Sankar  Category: Historical Fiction  Publisher: zero degree publishing, India  Pages: 250  Read The Book

….and thoroughly enjoyed them, finding them gripping and touching, with unexpected little twists. Since I have a solely European background their Indian/ Asian aspects also have a particular appeal to me. On my second reading, with real concentration and I find them even more interesting. They make me think, too, and that is always a good thing!
– Valerie Dümpelmann, Germany
….. the story of the young Raghu helping his mother to find a Tamil book in the National Library is not only a story of how different generations relate to literature……
-Sascha Ebeling, Associate Professor, the University of Chicago.
…excels in capturing cultural diversity of different eras and generations, and also in finely weaving facts through them. Whenever this strength of hers that is unique to any contemporary writer manifests it brings about a very wonderful reading. Not a word is wasted…
– P.Muralidharan, a poet, writer, literary critic and a translator, Chennai, India
….Humans and flies are in no way different as far as nature is concerned but look how the human has made his life to be! ….
– Liu Fang, a senior freelance English tutor, Hong Kong

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