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Curious Cassie

 Author: Talethe Collins  Category: Children’s, Motivational  Publisher: Independent  Published: December 7, 2022  Read The Book

“You can become an artist, landscaper, game developer, engineer, detective, or many other things.” “That’s a lot to think about!” Cassie says. Mom laughs. “Well, little one, you have plenty of time to explore your interests. One day you will see that your future career opportunities are endless.”

When Cassie and her mom leave the house to visit the park, Cassie’s curiosity sparks an interesting conversation with Mr. Hill, a friendly neighbor, about his career and educational experiences. Curious Cassie introduces readers to the benefits of continuing their education in pursuit of their dreams. And, though college can be expensive, scholarships help make a solid education possible for those who look for them.

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