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Accidental First Lady: On the Front Lines (and Behind the Scenes) of Local Politics

 Author: Kerry Kriseman  Category: Memoir & Autobiography, Nonfiction  Publisher: St. Petersburg Press  Published: October 29, 2021  Pages: 170  Read The Book

One Sunday evening, a friend asked if he could stop by. Over a bottle of wine – I don’t remember if it was red or white – he suggested that my husband, Rick Kriseman, should run for the St. Petersburg City Council. That conversation changed the course of our lives. Six years on the City Council led to six years in the state House of Representatives and then two four-year terms as mayor of Florida’s fifth largest city. That conversation let to eight elections and 22 years in public life for Rick – and for me, the accidental first lady of St. Petersburg, a life on the front lines and behind the scenes of local politics.

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