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Through High Waters

 Author: Allison Paige  Category: Dark Fantasy, Dystopian, Fantasy, Horror  Publisher: Finnegan Publishing Group  Published: December 1, 2022  Pages: 308  Read The Book

Leah has done everything she can do to escape the demon apocalypse that havocs Earth, including dying. When Raum revives Leah, it is not just for the simple pleasure of it, but to hunt down the man that killed her, Sebastian. The three become unlikely companions when they are taken into Pethaino, a city that has not succumbed to the return of the bees. Led by a ruthless king, it is a kingdom where only the wicked thrive and even demons are expendable. Within the fortress lies power that could very well shift the tides of humanity’s fate and restore Hell’s order. As the Pacific coast rises, threatening the dark sanctuary, Leah must make a decision that forces her to choose between her freedom and Sebastian’s. Where even her loyalty to Raum is tested and tried. Is her life worth more than theirs? And if it is, what price is she willing to pay for it?

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