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Artisans Take on Love

February 12, 2021
red heart shaped ornament

Hey everyone, welcome to the final day of Amour Books. These blogs have been so much fun sharing with you guys. I hope to do more blog event weeks in the future and introduce more  projects, authors, and artists. Speaking of artists, today on our final day we are going to be showcasing some very talented artist and their artwork depicting different forms and types of love. I hope you guys enjoy!

Neko Goldston

About the Artist
About the Artist

Hello, my name is Neko Goldston , I am 15 years old . I started drawing at age 5. I hope to get to the level of designing art on the sides of buildings , and to be successful and able to live comfortably . I learned to draw from watching tutorials from Mei Yu art on YouTube . I follow a lot of artists , but the ones who stand out the most are Blackbean_csm, Drawing with waffles and Super Rae Dizzle . I don’t have a certain style , I just draw according to my mood . 

N. E. Coleman

About the Artist
About the Artist

My name is Nikia E. Coleman (N. E. Coleman) . I am originally from Chicago, raised in Kalamazoo Michigan. I am a Visual Artist residing in North Dallas. I specialize in African-American and Abstract Art. I design Custom Abstract Art for both Businesses and Living Spaces. In 2000, I attended an introductory art class in Chicago but for the most part I am a self taught artist.
My artwork is currently showcased in the Carroll Harris Simms Art Exhibition at the African American Museum in Dallas as well as a Virtual Art Showcase with Toyota. I have a passion for art and I enjoy using textures and seamless blending with colors.

Ricky Ricardo White

About the Artist
About the Artist

Ricky Ricardo White is a veteran and self-taught artist who was born and
raised in Brooklyn, NY. His love of painting started at the age of 13
and his older brother Larry was huge creative influence. Larry
challenged Ricky to continuously perfect his technique and highlight the details of inspiration when painting. At the age of 14, Ricky won the Metropolitan Museum’s Children Art Contest. Currently Ricky sells his artwork per commission and hosts “Paint and Sip” events for adults at the Taste of Soul Restaurant in Burlington, NJ. His dream is to open a Paint and Sip Lounge with an art gallery to feature up and coming artists.

Robinne Adams 

About the Artist
About the Artist

NOLA native Robinne Adams is a natural born artist and creative at heart. Her love for fashion sparked early and Robinne began customizing clothing in 6th grade. Graduating from the Academy of Arts for Fashion Design, Robinne began to follow her dream and Young Erudite Society was born. Original swimwear and wearable art created with intent and understanding of the magic in creativity. 

Phor The Artist 

About the Artist
About the Artist

Education: Bethany College (BS) Communications, North Dakota (BS) Recreational Management.
After playing college sports (Football and Basketball), Phor experienced an injury that caused him some mental issues that ultimately introduced him to the art world. Phor is a self-taught, cultural abstract artist out of South Carolina. Inspired by the values of color, culture, and creativity, with understanding the foundation of respecting diversity, embracing community, and providing soulful art for all. 


About the Artist
About the Artist

Blu is a Visual Artist from Baltimore, MD. Using Acrylic, she paints Canvases, Controllers, Jewelry, & More. Her Style is unique aiming to show her perspective of the “real” world behind the “illusion”. 

“Art is therapy. I want people to feel as though they are expressing themselves when they see my art. I haven’t always been able to express myself. I’ve faced a lot of pain & Art helps me to channel & express freely…Not just the pain, but also the beauty. There is a world I see that others can not. My art brings people into my beautiful chaotic world…” -Blu 

Thank you again for looking through these beautiful pieces with me. A lot of these all artists have inspired some of my future works too! And I want to give special thanks to all the artists who participated in this blog. You guys did amazing and we’re so attentive and easy to work with, thank you again for letting me share your work with my viewers. Stay safe everyone and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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