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Hey you! How have you’ve been? Today’s the last day of Jingle Books ! It was fun and I appreciate all the authors who participated this year. This also happens to be the last *new* blog post for Win’s Books 2021! I’ll repost/update some older posts that need some editing in the meantime. I’ll still be active on Instagram and Facebook (and Twitter from time to time). With this being the last blog posts, I thought the best ton talk about the 2022 for Win’s Books.

It took me two years of planning and trials and errors to decide to post an event calendar for 2022. This should make things easier for me and other authors, as well as viewers and followers. I will start contacting authors and writers a couple of months before some of the new events are scheduled on the calendar.

What are these spotlights for?

I’m glad you asked! These books, writers, and authors of those holidays and observances are celebrated through these events. Signing up and sharing will be more convenient for me, my viewers/followers, and other authors. Currently, all of my services are free. If you have any questions, feel free to email me. 

Is this the only spotlights you’ll be doing?

Nope! You can still submit regular spotlight forms even during event weeks. The event weeks are meant to celebrate, but they don’t cover every holiday or book gerne. And that is okay, but I’m not going to rule those authors and books that don’t fit with the events. Every author and writer deserve some shine.

Where do I sign up for an event spotlight?

I’m glad you’ve asked. You can apply for an event down below. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Calendar of Blog Posts:

June 2023

Thank you for reading and have a happy holiday! See you in 2022!!! And don’t forget:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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