Win's Artistry Coming Soon

Hello you! How are you doing? I am here to share a piece of fascinating news. So for those who don’t know, I’m expanding my art brand! So keep reading to learn more about Win’s Artistry.

What is Win’s Artistry?

Win’s Artistry will be a website and ecommerce store where you can view and purchase artwork made by me, Winnie Tataw. Some artworks will have blogs and behind the scene videos ad pictures attached to them as well. Artwork that will be posted are drawing and paintings I’ve done over the years. And hopefully in the future I’ll do commissions as well.

Weeping Willow is a Black woman. This piece was donated to Art Search Charlotte.

For those who don’t know, I am working on my B.A. in Studio Arts. I have a lot of art (my parents can contest) that I have all around my room, closets, and the house. So I knew I would have to start posting them on my social medias sooner or later. I know people who’ve either painted with me or seen my artwork always ask why I don’t post it online, and it was because:

  1. I was shy (surprisingly)
  2. I was having trouble trying to fit in my artwork and still keep in WinsBooks relevant to my writing and fantasy books

What about Win’s Books?

Everything with my Win’s Books social medias and the blog, I felt my art didn’t fit in with the Win’s Books brand. I sometimes post reels and artwork here from time to time, but Win’s Books is mainly for good books. And don’t worry, Win’s Books isn’t going anywhere. I am expanding my brand, not shrinking it. I am so excited about what is to come.

Artwork, like the one above, inspired my work and cemented in my mind what I want to do with my artistic abilities. You can also learn more about these pieces here. I am so excited for all I have a store for 2022, and I’m glad you guys are following me on the ride. And don’t forget about signing up for my monthly art newsletter! Join to have early access to my art, WIPs, and info on the website launch!

Check out my Art Instagram!

Live. Love. Laugh.

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