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They say not to judge a book by its cover but I need you to do just that. If you liked the cover of my book, The Lone Star Child (The Gods’ Scion Book 3), please vote for it for the Cover of the Month contest on!

I’m getting closer to clinch the “Cover of the Month” contest on AllAuthor! I’d need as much support from you guys. Please take a short moment to vote for my book cover here: Click to Vote!

Only 20 unregistered users can vote for a single book cover. Afterwards, only a registered user will be able to vote for the book cover.

Manual/Email registration:
Sudden registrations in large number will be counted as suspicious and our team will run a thorough investigation. Please be informed that the general manual registration and registration via email amounts to around 10 to 15%. On the bright side, login with Facebook and voting is allowed for a large number of audience.



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The Lone Star Child Book Release

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