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Hello wonderful people! How has your week been? It is Friday and the beginning of the weekend. Huzzah! It’s only the second week of school for me and it feels like the 14th. The days just keep getting longer and longer. Enough about long school days, I want to talk about school (kind of).

Throughout high school, I always would hear students complain about not learning things in high school that prepare them for the real world. As I High School Graduate and a Sophomore in College, I call say those students were right. I see so many college students lacking skills in independence and self sustainable, or as I like to call it “adulting skills.” So I decided to create a new blog series called, “Class on Life.”

It is small crash courses on life skills most students lack or do not learn in public schooling. Hopefully, these blogs will be able to change that and have more young adults feeling ready to take on the world by storm.

That is all I have for today. I hope everyone is excited about this new series I am creating, as much as I am. Have a wonderful weekend and remember, live, love, and laugh.

June 2023

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