Hello everyone! Welcome to another blog and my first drawing blog for Win’s Books. As I told you guys on my social media I wanted to start adding more of my artwork onto the blog since it was one of the main reasons why I created it in the first place. If you have been following my Instagram you have seen some sneak peek photos of what I’ve been doing this semester in my art classes and what I will be doing in the future pertaining to my art. So a little background on this collection, this was last semester’s drawing class finally I did.

These pieces are called “Nature’s Natural Beauty.” It’s about showing the beauty of different ethnic women and natural states. I made sure to pick models and photos of women with little to no makeup. Many cultures also value hair as a show of status, beauty, and self-love. Women of Color in history have been dehumanized and features, so I wanted to draw attention to those by showing them in an appealing light.

The plants I used are from areas where these women are from regionally. While the movements of environmental protections on the raise and the self-love and women empowerment movement too, I felt this was best to shine a positive light on these topics through my art. Especially when they are topics that face so much criticism. Without further ado let’s check out these ladies!

After I had complete these pieces I realized that I could do more of them and explore more natural elements of the earth. So this semester I’m working on aquatic/water-themed drawings of this collection. I can already see my growth in many ways and I can’t wait to sit down and compare and contrast how I’ve grown in my skills in just a short few months.

Thank you all for looking through my art with me! Which piece is your favorite? Comment down below. Stay safe everyone and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.