Nature’s Natural Beauty Vol. 2: Land Mermaids

Hi and welcome back. I originally wanted to upload this post months ago, but the timing wasn’t right. I wanted to take a break from the Build-a-Book series to focus on some of my art. These pieces are a part of my continued watercolor art series called “Nature’s Natural Beauty.” You can check out the first volume of drawings here. Now with that out of the way, let’s meet the mermaids!

What is Nature’s Natural Beauty collection about?

It’s about showing the beauty of different ethnic women and natural states. I made sure to pick models and photos of women with little to no makeup. Many cultures also value hair as a show of status, beauty, and self-love. Women of Color in history have been dehumanized and features, so I wanted to draw attention to those by showing them in an appealing light. The plants I used are from areas where these women are from regionally.

While the movements of environmental protections on the raise and the self-love and women empowerment movement too, I felt this was best to shine a positive light on these topics through my art. I myself as a Black woman have a strong connection to my hair. For me and many other Black women it symbolizes, our growth, personality, status, and beauty. Hair is a big thing in our culture that harbors a lot of salience with those in and out of the community. It’s important to understand that we think of it as its own being and work tirelessly to main it and keep it happy and healthy.

Especially when they are topics that face so much criticism. Hair for many women of color is something we regard as a vision of nature’s best art forms. Until the first part of this series, these women are colored in natural skin tones, and I more dynamic colors and naturistic “hairstyles” for each of the women. I also took liberty in giving them all “proper” names.

The Inspiration

I love Surrealism. And I’ve always wanted to incorporate the style into my artwork. I didn’t know how. I started doing more research and came upon many art pieces that combined both faces with nature. I feel in love and feel this is my favorite style of art to work with and create.

source: Google Images

The Process

I’m going to keep it short here since I don’t want to bore you with too many details. I started first with sketches and vision boards (you all know how much I love vision boards). I would position the body on the paper–horizontally or vertically– then work on the women’s face and body outline. The “hair” was always the last thing I did. One day I plan to go more in-depth on the process, so stay on the lookout for that. Let me know in the comments if that is something you would be interested in reading.

The Land Mermaids Collection

Surrealism black woman with waterfall hair

Name: Natasha Falls

Race and nature: Black woman/waterfall

Watercolor paint and colored pencil on Watercolor paper

drawing of coral haired woman

Name: Genie B. Rift

Race and nature: Abdorignal woman /coral reef

Watercolor paint and colored pencil on Watercolor paper

woman with river hair

Name: Missy Riv

Race and nature: Black woman/river

Watercolor paint and colored pencil on Watercolor paper

hijabi woman with shell hijab

Name: Shelby K.

Race and nature: Hijabi Arab woman/seashells

Watercolor paint and colored pencil on Watercolor paper

seaweed haired woman

Name: Sia Wieden

Race and nature: Vitiligo woman/seaweed

Watercolor paint and colored pencil on Watercolor paper

What’s Next for Winnie?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Over the summer, besides working on my fourth book, I want to continue this as my art series, with the addition of oil or acrylic paint and on a larger scale. And more natural elements! Though I will be sticking to black men and women as my models. I can’t wait to share more of my art with you guys. You can always stay up to date with my art projects on my Instagram. Well, that’s all I have for today. I’ll probably reupload the images again since the photos I have now don’t do them any justice. Thanks for stopping by, and remember: 

Live. Love. Laugh.