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A peep into Behind the scenes of writing, designing, publishing, and promoting a book (Fiction/ Non-fiction), Author, Publisher and other interviews, Book reviews, Book discussions, promotion, and more. This is a chance for aspiring authors to win the Love of Literature.

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We are open to reading and discussing your novels if requested by us. This is not a paid service nor a guarantee that we will leave a book review. Please know that if you plan to send us a physical copy, you will mail it to Singapore and India. Or you can send us a 3-to-4-page synopsis via email. We also encourage you to contact us for more information.

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Jayanthi Sankar

Jayanthi Sankar has been in several international literary festivals, including the APWT 2018 at Gold Coast. Her recently published novella ‘When Will You Die?’ The book is making a lot of buzz among readers. She loves reading fiction as much as experimenting with writing fiction. Tabula Rasa was a ‘Distinguished Favourite’ in the Historical Fiction category of the 2022 NYC Big Book Award and an ‘honorable mention’ in the San Francisco Book Fest. Misplaced Heads, was on the Eyelands Book Awards 2020 final list of historical fiction, in Greece, making its mark as an outstanding postmodern historical fiction. Fiction: short story winner in the 2020 International Book Award -Ame- Americank fest ‘Dangling Gandhi’ also won the international Literary Titan award as well. She lives in Singapore.

R. Sredhanea

A Food technologist by profession and an aspiring author by passion, Sredhanea has written more than 20 blogs in the Coffelicious publications of Medium.  She Published 7 Self-help articles in magazines like ‘The Infinithoughts’ and is a Freelance content writer for Carty studios. Her Debut historical fiction “THE CORD” Won best aspiring author award from ‘The cherry book awards’,  and ‘The Rising Author of the year’ award by Priya’s wisdom publications,  ‘Budding Author of the year’ by JEC publications and post-publication has won the ‘Young Author of the year’ award by CLA global awards and ‘Emerging Author of the year-Fiction’ award from Ukiyoto Publishing. She is also a co-host for LOL (Love Of Literature), a podcast for aspiring authors and an avid fiction reader and reviewer.

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