Child of Tempus Birthday

Hey everyone! It’s Child of Tempus’ 2nd Birthday!!! I can’t believe two years have passed since publishing my book. I had NO idea what I was doing but, I’ve been able to learn and grow from so many in the writing and indie author community. And I thank you all! I wasn’t able to do something big this year for Tempus’ terrible two’s but I hope next year I will be (*wink wink*)

Since CoT’s release, I have released two other books apart of my YA fantasy series, The Gods’ Scion. CoT even got its book cover revamped, which I totally love! I have been able to grow as a writer from the countless feedback and reviews I’ve received for my book over the years.

And though I know CoT isn’t perfect and has its flaws, it’s my baby and will always have a special place in my heart. Child of Tempus laid the groundwork for all my books to come, and I believe things will get better as I continue to write and release new books. Without CoT I wouldn’t have started this blog and had met all of you, so I owe it to CoT for all the wonderful opportunities it has blessed me with. Click here to receive a FREE chapter of Child of Tempus! Thank you, everyone, and happy birthday Child of Tempus!

Come celebrate this special day with me:

Happy Birthday Child of Tempus! 🥳📕🧁 #fantasy #writingcommunity

Live. Love. Laugh.

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