Hello, Everyone! How have you been? In a few days, the second Built By Us project will be happening, but before that, I have some exciting news to share!

Starting May 15th, you can order my first book, Child of Tempus in Ebook form for .99 cents! And the best part is this sale will last for one whole month! So you have until June 15th to get your eBook copy for less than a dollar!

Spread the word, because if this sale goes well I’ll do one for the second book, Descendants of Time and Death! Thank you all for the continuous support. And remember to come back on Friday to make some hot glue art!

If you want to know where you can order your eBook copy you can click the button below:

Have a good hump day and stay safe everyone.

Live. Love. Laugh.



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.99 Cent eBook Sale!

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