How to make DIY Centerpieces on Win's Books

Hi everyone! Welcome to our last Jingle Books Built By Us project! This one won’t be a video recorded tutorial, since it’s close to Christmas time, and I didn’t have to do a full recording as I wished. Maybe next year I’ll repost this blog with a video. I have a year to think about it (hehehe). Well, let’s get on with the DIY project!

What is a centerpiece?

The centerpiece of a table setting might be a candle surrounded by roses. Centerpiece also refers to the most important part of something. Dictionary

The ones we are making are mini centerpieces. You can of course make them bigger. But these are meant for smaller tables and areas. Or they can be added together to make one larger centerpiece. This is what you’ll need:

Step One: Gather your materials!

I use materials from the two previous Jingle Books Built By Us projects (which will be list down below)

Step Two: decorate the outer layer of the glass/plastic container

This is where you start using the hot glue. I used the leaves and mini ball ornaments to decorate the outer rim of both of my centerpieces.

Step Three: start adding decor inside the container

I made most of my centerpiece fillings. If you don’t want to do that, you can either add in decorative ornaments or candles.

Step Four (optional): Add ribbon or string to the outside of the container

Step Five: Wait for the hot glue to cool down and you’re done!

My Centerpieces:

Thank you for joining me in another BBU project! Stay safe, and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.

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