built by us giveaway

Win a curated basket of my favorite Built By Us projects!

When you enter the giveaway you could win a basket filled with items and decors from past Built By Us projects. The basket will contain five to six items from everything, from candles to wooden mandalas. The Giveaway is running from July 24th to August 6th.

How to enter:

There are three ways to enter. To can enter by joining my newsletter or following my Facebook page or following, commenting, and liking the Giveaway post on my Twitter or Instagram. If you are already signed up for my mailing list or following me, then you have already had an automatic entrance. For every way, you enter you get one entry into the raffle. So if you comment on the Twitter and IG post that is two entries. If you join in my newsletter, then that counts for two entries.

I will randomly select from the list of followers and pick three winners. I will email the winners about there winnings, and you have seven days to reply to my email to receive your gift! I will post about the winners on all of my social media and blog. Good luck to everyone!

The Prizes

Each basket consist of: a DIY candle, a ombre wreath, a mandala or hot glue canvas art , and geometric decor.

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