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Hello everyone! Welcome to our first Black History Month (B.H.M.) Spotlight Event! This is a new blog event on Win’s Books that happens after Amour Books ends. Today we have another book spotlight of the event. Now without further ado, let’s get to the Book Spotlight!  

Book Title:
You Don’t Want Success: Demolishing Excuses Used to Prevent You from Achieving Your Goals

You Don't Want Success: Demolishing Excuses Used to Prevent You from Achieving Your Goals

Book Blurb:

“You either want to succeed or you don’t. Nobody’s going to do it for you, and nobody’s going to carry you gently over the threshold of success.

No more games. No more pity parties. No more excuses.

Miko Marsh’s You Don’t Want Success will help you address your fears of money, other people’s opinions, perfection paralysis, and more. For those of Christian faith, a chapter with a Biblical perspective is included. Each topical chapter has four sections: subject matter, personal experience, interview with a professional, and questions with action steps you can implement now.

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Confronting fears. This is personal.”

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“Ten of the contributors to this book are Black professionals. I chose to interview them because of their varied backgrounds and to promote small businesses.”

-Author Miko

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Book Price:

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Paperback: $19.95, Hardcover: $29.95, Ebook: $6.99

Book Series:

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This is the first item of a “success pack.” This book addresses major fears slowing you at the start. The planner is the tool used to help you map out your path to reach your goals.

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Snippet from book:

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“…At the heart of your resistance is one paralyzing thought – “I can’t afford to do this.” It doesn’t matter if your desire is to open a restaurant, start investing, or continue your education. You believe no one is there to pick up the slack for you if it doesn’t work out. You are reasonably considering your options, weighing the probability of meeting your goals, and trying to calculate the loss if your plans fail.

The problem is not that you weigh the pros and cons to make good choices but that the cons will almost always outweigh the pros when it comes to choosing something for yourself. You might even believe you are selfish for wanting to pursue your passions when your family needs you. This causes you to shelve your desires indefinitely, waiting for the time when you believe you can afford to try.

Stop waiting for “someday” and “one day.”

Those aren’t dates. They are as unclear and unable to be grasped as fog. “Today” is specific and has a built-in timer for how long you have left to work on a portion of your goal.

Let’s consider some reasons you must choose to take a leap…”


About the Author:

Miko Marsh
Miko Marsh

Miko Marsh is an author, speaker, and instructor. She has a degree in social services, college certification in Early Childhood Care Education, has worked directly with individuals in behavioral facilities, and has owned her own daycare. She now helps aspiring authors to publish their own books. Miko writes in multiple genres but is most known for her nonfiction book, Living with Jezebel. She hopes to use her words to help educate, encourage, and inspire others to do what they’ve been called to do.

Thank you all for reading and remember:

Live. Love. Laugh.


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