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Why Writers Need Beta Readers (Wandering Writer no.4)

May 20, 2020

Hey everyone! How’s your week been so far? I have been busy writing and blogging. And along with writing I’ve started to reach out to beta readers to look over my third book. So I thought, I should share my ongoing experience with you guys. And why writers need, need, need, beta readers.

What is a Beta Reader?

Well according to Wikipedia:

A beta reader is usually a test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing, who gives feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author. A beta reader is not a professional and can therefore provide advice and comments in the opinions of an average reader. This feedback is used by the writer to fix remaining issues with plot, pacing, and consistency. The beta reader also serves as a sounding board to see if the book has had the intended emotional impact.


Why should I use them?

Well the first thing, they are free! I won’t knock anyone’s hustle, but I wouldn’t pay for beta readers with there are so many people out there willing to read and help you better your book for free. Especially if you are self publishing your works.

Beta readers can be used at any stage of the book editing process. Which is helpful because you can have multiple and eyes reading, critiquing, and editing your work.

Another thing is that they give you great advice on structure, polt, and pacing. Betas are a fresh set of eyes to read over your manuscipt. And bonus of them is you can ask them—when your book is published—if they are willing, they can write a review(s) for you.

Where can I find beta readers?

For me I use three places to find beta readers. The main place is a site called, Critique Match. It took me a bit for me to understand it and use, but after I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing.

The other two places I use are Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook the best thing is to join groups and ask members if they would be willing to read your work. With Twitter just DM or tweet out (with the right hashtags) that you’re looking for people to read your work in progress (or #WIP). The worst they can say is no.

Well I hope this helps some of you, like it has helped me. Like I said all writers need to use beta readers for their works. They’re free, accessible, and benefits your work immensely. Thank you for stopping by! Stay safe everyone!

And remember: Live. Love. Laugh.

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