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FYI: Preorder PSA

February 7, 2020

Hey guys. This pertains mainly to my email subscribers. If you are trying to order a book through the link in the email, it will not work. This was brought to my attention. At first, the links weren’t working. The links are working now, but you must use them through the blog. Meaning, you have to go to the actual blog post and order the books. And B&N link may or may not work on the cell phone. But if you search my name, Winnifred Tataw, scroll the bottom, you’ll find the second book. Sorry for the inconvenience this is my first time doing preorders, so I’m learning as I go. I hope this helps everyone. Thank you for your patience and help. Have an awesome weekend!

Live. Love. Laugh.

Last post for the preordering:

  • Pilot Program (Itsy Bitsy Book Bits)
    Hello everyone I wanted to make this announcement! The Itsy Bitsy Book Bits has a Pilot Program where they will be send out a weekly newsletter to bloggers and readers who can sign up to read/review the books. They will to post on Amazon, Bookbub, and Goodreads for a 60 day period. They will also have a page on their website dedicated to the books in the Itsy Bitsy Book Bits Book Catalog. I am so happy to say my second book, Descendants of Time and Death has been selected for their catalog! I hope all you can spread the word and take time to look at my books and others you may find interesting to either review or read. I had did a book blog tour with them about a month ago so I am so happy that my foot was able to be selected. Thank you all. And have a wonderful week and remember: Live. Love. Laugh. The link is below:

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