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How to buy my Books

December 6, 2019

Hi everyone! How have you guys been? How was everybody’s Thanksgiving? (leave a comment down below)

So as the title of this blog states, I will be telling you guys how you can buy my books. I am excited to say I will be launching a purchasing page on my website in February 2020!!!

The site page will be open to view in February. That does not mean it will be functioning to where you can purchase the books. That will happen later on in the year. This is just a fun teaser I wanted to put out for the future.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Thanks for stopping by! To be up to date with my blog, make sure you subscribe via email. You can do this at the top of my blog site. I start blogging now every Friday!

Live. Laugh. Love

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  1. I usually just add a cited page at the end of the blog post

  2. That’s wonderful to hear! Please make sure to follow my blog via email. You can do so at the top…

  3. Thank you for let me know, I will be making changes on my comment section.

  4. Sorry about that, the holiday season has been getting to me. But I promise that this rut won’t last for…


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